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Utilize the right voices in the communities you need to reach, and see your engagement, sales, and audience flourish.

Captivate and retain audiences with stunningly crafted original content that tells your story, on your terms.

Collaborate with the experts on your next marketing or media campaign, from conceptualization to execution.

Entice new customers with beautiful and smartly branded digital ads.

Reach the right audience base, and precisely hit your target market demographics.

Foster closeness and organic community growth and retention with your audience by engaging with them and their questions, concerns, and discussions in real time.

Align your brand with key partners who stand on common ground and share your passions, cross pollenate audiences, and amplify your messaging.

Build momentum across digital and traditional forms of media alike. Supply your brand narrative with both validity and wide reaching support.

Our expertise

We pride ourselves in forging unparalleled levels of consumer interaction through data driven marketing campaigns and original content, delivering the best ROI for your budget.

We have a proven track record of activations, campaigns, content, and partnerships that have been remarkably successful in raising awareness of our client’s products, initiatives, and services. We are integrated into the communities we serve, and study each community’s nuances diligently to develop catered audience engagement and interaction that truly resonates with your target base. Our network of strong relationships in each space allow us to take our ideas to the next level, and bring your story to life.

Our integrated marketing campaigns merge innovative creativity with experience across all disciplines. We know effective, brand-building storytelling combines creativity with analytical thinking and data driven strategy. We offer an intimately personal, genuine, refreshing one-stop solution to effective consumer communication campaigns.

Break down barriers

Our focus on key demographics and genre markets creates a bridge between your story and some of the most highly influential consumer audience segments. Many agencies in the digital space offer “expert insight” into specific demographics and markets but fall short in executing truly organic content and fostering lasting community building.

We are not only acutely aware of the intricacies of each demographic we serve, but set ourselves apart through our deep knowledge and comprehension of the intersectionalities that exist naturally between communities.

This multicultural marketing approach allows us to go further than the competition, hitting key points in your target markets and beyond. Fridam connects movie studios, TV networks, nonprofit organizations and brands to the ever evolving U.S. consumer landscape. No matter the size of your goals, our multicultural and bilingual/multilingual marketing team can be the bridge between you and audiences at a local, national, and international level.

Out with the old, in with the new

Everyone knows a successful brand narrative must be adaptive to the fast paced and ever changing digital atmosphere. This is why we combine publicity strategy and branding knowledge with the latest targeting and measurement tools and attributable awareness, coverage and conversion campaigns around key influencers, celebrities, and genre tastemakers. We know pop culture (and it’s trendsetters) and activate the right digital influencers, create content and compelling connections that drive influencer audiences to connect organically with your brand. No two campaigns are ever alike. We work across cultures, creative ideation and geography to ensure that results brilliantly exceed expectations.

Our approach is a finely tuned balance of conscious creativity, storytelling, technology, market data, psychology and consistently yields game changing results. We know the natural law of social; adapt or perish.

Our deep knowledge of campaign building and brand knowledge keeps us focused on design, usability and optimization.

Our comprehensive expanse of services include website design, content creation, content management systems, data management, social network development, online marketing strategies, search engine marketing, viral marketing development, online advertising campaigns and direct response campaigns.